Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Cover of the Week - by Louise Tripp

The cover of Lost Summer by Alex McAulay is the perfect picture of where I'd want to be on a day like today - a 90 degree July day in Chicago: a girl lies in the warm, gritty sand on the cusp of cool, foamy ocean waves. The sky and the water are a gorgeous shade of blue. 

But look closer. There's a shadow looming nearby - a figure watching the girl, who is lost in thought, her eyes shut to sun. Well, that's creepy.

This book just happens to be in the small stack I currently have checked out from the library, with plans to read soon. It takes place in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (near where I am from), which is what drew me to it. And it's a teen novel - my favorite kind of "guilty pleasure" read. It seemed the perfect "cover of the week" to end such a steamy, sticky, humid week.

Challenge: Recreate this cover in photographs and I'll post it here next week.

Louise Tripp grew up in North Carolina. She currently lives in Chicago, where she is revising her first YA novel and working in a public library. You can read her regular blog at