Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book Cover of the Week - by Louise Tripp

J'adore old books and their covers. They're often so simple and always seem to reflect the era they came from with their fonts and images. A few years ago, I picked up this browned-with-age copy of Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's at the now-closed City Bookshop in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. It made me giddy to find it - in safeguarding plastic wrap and with Audrey Hepburn smiling coquettishly. Eventually I'll have to get a newer copy so I can actually re-read the book, because this one feels like it should be displayed and not touched. Nevertheless, it was such a fabulous find that it reminds me why I love used bookstores. 

Challenge: Recreate this cover in photographs and I'll post it here next week.

Louise Tripp grew up in North Carolina. She currently lives in Chicago, where she is revising her first YA novel and working in a public library. You can read her regular blog at

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  1. I love used bookstores too. This is such an iconic book cover and I love it! What a great find!