Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book Cover of the Week: Hands On - by Louise Tripp

The book cover of the week this week is more of a trend in book covers that I happen to like. Yes, I admit it – I judge books by their covers. The prettier a cover, the more likely I am to pick the book up and see what it's about, read a few sentences or paragraphs, buy it or check it out of the library. The trend I am liking right now is: HANDS. Romances with a glossy picture of two hands intertwined, misty pictures of an adult hand grasping the hand of an unsteady child – I think this is pretty. But admittedly, I don't read much romance. Unless, of course, it's a gay or lesbian romance – then I just might be hooked by a cover displaying lovers touching hands. Case in point: Emma Donoghue's Landing (pretty much my favorite lesbian romance of the last five years).

And let us not forget YA fiction, my other weakness. Sara Ryan's The Empress of the World has a gorgeous picture of golden sunlight shining like a halo over the clasped hands of a teenage lesbian couple. It makes me happy just looking at it.

Challenge: Recreate either cover in photographs and I'll post it here next week.

Louise Tripp grew up in North Carolina. She currently lives in Chicago, where she is revising her first YA novel and working in a public library. You can read her regular blog at

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